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Air Shaft

Air Shaft

Specialised manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Air Shaft from India. Differential Shaft is a sophisticated winding shaft for slitter rewinder machine, used as duplex shaft winder (centre winding type).

  • It is capable of compensating speed variation due to gauge variation with multi cores.
  • Minimum 20 mm core width is possible.
  • Reel holding is possible at any position across the width.
  • No-time lost in re-positioning cores since no distance pieces are required.
  • Shaft can run at very high speed.

Air Shaft

This shaft consists of slotted shaft, rubber bladders, hard and ground steel cage with ball type gripper.

  1.  Suitable for core ID. 3″ and 6″
  2.  Length as per requirement.


  1.  Load up to 2 tons
  2.  Suitable for Core l. D. dia 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″ (metric size and special sizes also produced)
  3.  Length as required
  4.  Speed up to 1000 Mtrs/min
  5.  Suitable for core materials: Paper, Steel, Thermoplastics
  6.  Minimum core width 20 mm

General Materials of Construction

  1.  Pipe – Steel
  2.  End Generals – Steel – simple or hardened
  3.  Cam – Brass
  4.  Lugs – Hardened Steel / Rubber

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